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Product Description



Appearance of the X-CALIBUR model  follows well known X-TRIM model with typical shapes on the slide. The new shaping of the slide resulted in weight reduction, the gun appears light and predaceous. The revealed barrel together with emphasized castellation of the slide offers an attractive design putting the shooting experience on the first place. The sights consist of a side-adjustable steel Elliason rear sight and fibre-optic front sight. The extended slide and massive barrel make this gun perfect for target shooting.


Caliber: 9mm Luger

Trigger mechanism: SA / DA

Trigger pull weight: 15-18N / 30-35N

Overall length: 220mm

Height without magazine: 133.5mm

Width: 36mm

Barrel length: 126.7mm

Weight w/o magazine: 797g

Weight w empty magazine: 885g

Standard magazine capacity: 15